Pray for our DallasPD - All Profits From Weekend Will Be Donated to

dallas flags half staff 2016-07-08 tragedy.jpg

You have probably heard by now of the tragic events that have occurred last night in Downtown Dallas.   

All profits over this weekend will be donated to If you would like to make a donation, please visit and click on "Support ATO, Donate Now" or Click on the large link displayed.

Some of you may not be aware, but our office is located two blocks from the scene of these horrific crimes.

As it stands on Friday, the 8th of July, our shipping may be impacted until Downtown Dallas streets have been opened back to the public.  We are unsure how shipping will be affected, but feel that this situation is more important than a 1-day shipping delay.

God Bless America. God Bless Our Public Servants in Blue.

- Trick Glocks