Which is better? Ghost vs Pearce Magazine Extensions


Recently we have noticed a lot of discussion between the comparison of the Ghost Inc. Magazine Extension and the extensions provided by Pearce Grips and decided it was worth pondering.

Firstly, it will ultimately come down to overall preference; but, there are a few key things that certainly helped me make up my own personal mind.

The Materials 

When I touch and feel each extension base between each other, I notice the Pearce Grip extensions feel not only thicker, but also have a better grip/stippling that best matches my gun.  It shows that both Ghost and Pearce spent a lot of time matching the fashion of the extension to blend in with what Glock already promises and delivers to the marketplace.

The Comfort

It is my personal opinion that they are both extremely comfortable, and absolutely mandatory for anyone carrying a Sub-Compact Glock and has a big hands, such as myself.  I personally, just don't feel all that comfortable holding onto a frame with two to three fingers and allowing my pinky to hang off the bottom.  Part of the experience leaves me feeling like a giant in a small world; while other times I feel like I'm shooting a Clown gun or a "dainty Derenger".  WIthout the magazine extensions, I would most likely only carry a Compact frame such as a 19/23/32/etc.

The Price

Finally, with the old saying "Cash is King", often times it comes down to price.  Pearce appears to beat Ghost's pricing; likely due to their competitiveness in the marketplace, the bulk amounts of manufacturing done at a time, as well as the amount of infrastructure Pearce has invested into reducing its cost of operations.  This is fancy business talk for saying "Pearce is absolutely focused on this market only", whereas Ghost focuses on this style of products, along with trigger bar connectors and other items.  This distributed focus on multiple product types keeps Ghost from hyper focusing on being successful in one single product line.

Find out for yourself!  These products can be found in our Magazine Extensions Section and provide us your feedback!

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