Introducing The TrickGlocks Jester Slide For Glock 17 and 21 (GEN3)

trickglocks jester g17 slide.jpg

Introducing our very first product. The TrickGlocks 17 GEN1-3 and TrickGlocks Glock 21 GEN1-3 Jester Slides. Available in Stainless Steel, as well as Cerakote Black.

These slides have been manufactured using Billet 416R Stainless Steel and have been heat treated to a RC hardness of 42
We would love everyone's feedback. Please note, the products in these pictures still require polishing and optionally Cerakote treatment.
  • Stainless Steel G17 slides will be available at $499.95
  • Stainless Steel G21 slides will be available at $599.95
  • Cerakote Black G17 slides will be available at $569.95
  • Cerakote Black G21 slides will be available at $669.95

Let us know your thoughts. We currently have a very limited quantity in this initial run and will be offering pre-orders for the next larger batch. The more people involved in the pre-order, the larger our order can be.


All you need are sights! Choose from our wide selection of sights, and we'd be happy to install them at no extra cost.

These slides have been designed to work more efficiently with compensated barrels, as well as a more balanced weight for competition shooting.

We currently have 2 G21 slides and 2 G17 slides available in this proof-of-concept run.